Social Media

Social media is a primary vehicle of communication today, and because much of that communication is public, it's no surprise some recruiters and hiring managers are tuning in

The more tempting advice here is "be creative," but that might be more or less relevant depending on your industry. The more important message ties back into your branding: communicate your business's M.O. and sell your personality. A great way to do this is with a blog. Where tweeting your own content exclusively and never retweeting others comes across as narcissistic, a blog gives you free rein and lets you gather your thoughts in one place. Wordpress, Blogger, and Tumblr are all popular options..

You can use also use different platforms to showcase different aspects of your personality: LinkedIn might display your professional acumen, while your personality shines through on Facebook. Play to the strengths of each medium while marketing yourself. .

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If you choose to share content publicly on social media, make sure it's working to your advantage. Take down or secure anything that could potentially be viewed by an employer as unprofessional and share content that highlights your accomplishments and qualifications in a positive way..

Fabio Rumor | 26 May, 2016