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Published in May 2015 and supported since the second half of 2015, HTTP/2 is a new version of the world wide web protocol.

The main improvement is the ability to cover multiple requests in a single connection. This ability is called multiplexing and it’s revolutionary for web designers. Techniques like sprites or Data URIs won’t be effective anymore. HTTP/2 also compresses headers before the requested data are sent, which simplifies the transport. Lastly, the new version is binary and not textual, as the previous version was. The result is a performance boost of up to 50%

Put simply, SSL certificates encrypt the connection between a server and a client. Obtaining a certificate is easier than you may think and you can get one for free with Let’s Encrypt.

Someone famous in Source Title

Brotli is a new compression algorithm introduced last fall by Google. In general, compression algorithms reduce the size of transported data. Google reported that compared to the current solutions, Brotli offers 20-26% better compression ratio. As a consequence, you can save about 40% of your traffic on HTML files and about 25% on CSS and Javascript..

A Content Delivery Network is a set of servers around the world. These servers contain copies of your site’s content (images, videos, software etc.). When accessed, your data loads from a server closer to the visitor and so the overall loading is much faster everywhere on the planet.

Fabio Rumor | 26 May, 2016