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I'm a Web Designer - Front End Developer

Fabio Rumor Fabio comes from Treviso a beautiful city very close to Venice in the North of Italy. After getting his degree, Fabio took into consideration to broaden his views so he decided to move abroad and his first destination was London. Living in the UK was an opportunity to improve his English and at the same time to dive in the British culture and traditions.

Although Fabio's main passion was Technology, he started working as a Barista and soon after he became a Supervisor and a General Manager. Later on he took up his studies again on Web Design, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing to improve his technical know-how.



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Freelance @ Fabio Rumor
2016 - Now

Self-taught freelance web designer. Working closely with start-up companies to build and design bespoke company website and branding

Fresh Air Ltd
2015 - 2016

I'm responsible for maintaining company's online presence, website administration,SEO and social media management.

Metro Photography
2014 - 2015

Responsible for working on a range of projects, designing appealing websites and interacting on a daily basis with graphic designers, back-end developers and marketers...

Web Designer
2014 - 2016

I developed the skills and techniques necessary to become a web designer. I’m dealing with some projects using industry software such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php, WordPress and Adobe Dreamweaver to explore the techniques useful in order to create “responsive” design. During my working experience I had the opportunity to work with the Marketing team, trying to increase the sales. We tailored our offer to our target. I've also planned, organised and executed the strategy plans on the Company’s social media, making sure that new and existing customers were provided with relevant contents containing high levels of engagement .

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What i can do

An eCommerce website from Purpose Media offers total customisation so that your web platform fits your requirements perfectly, and works in the way you and your business are used to operating. A system that anyone can use – with all the features you need..

Responsive Design

Following a comprehensive consultation, I provide a brief, along with website design visuals, which are then tweaked to perfection to create a website unique to your business.


Ignore the emails that offer ‘first page ranking in a day’ – I deliver long-lasting, legitimate results from experts who care about the quality they deliver.The effective use of meta tags, genuine backlinks and reading ease all play into a successful (and cost effective) SEO strategy. I’ll make sure that your site is built from the ground up with SEO in mind.

When done well, your followers will share your content to their followers, reaching entirely untapped audiences. This potential makes social media a fantastic traffic generator – which in turn can drive leads, enquiries and sales.

  • Contabile computer 100% responsive design
  • Contabile laptop 100% responsive design
  • Contabile tablet 100% responsive design
  • Contabile smartphones 100% responsive design

No two businesses or customers are the same. That's why I offer tailored E-commerce solutions, customised to your business and market. Be Memorable are experienced online business specialists so I meticulously study your present and future business needs. Armed with this unique insight, I can move quickly to produce fully-bespoke Ecommernce solutions designed with only you in mind.


I offer different levels of social media support packages, according to what best suits your company. I know the importance of social media for business, but I also know that the pricing involved in taking people on to supply it is a big factor in deciding if it is right for you. I provide social media support, from corporate businesses to small businesses, and it is becoming increasingly important to have your social media marketing strategy spot on.



I'll go over your goals, styles you like , and the funcionalities your website needs.


Here I'll take everithing I learned during planning and create the visual


I'll set your project up fot long-term success by giving you the tools you need to manage your site


After we have the look at the project, I'll need to code it. This will be about getting all the funcionality in place


Once the website is online I need to support it with Social Media


I can give your website and extra "wow factior" by integrating Adwords and Marketing campaing

My BlogBlog

My Diary
Why is important to have a responsive website

Interacting with websites using a touch screen is often extremely clumsy. Usually, just to scroll and see what you want, you need to resize the page several times. Websites not optimized to vary screen size and content means scrolling in two directions to read a few sentences. Smaller devices also experience long loading times to access all of the content and images. These images often are ridiculous in size.

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SEO - How to improve it

Che this easy guideline, how to be on the top of google raking.

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What are the differences in each social media network?

Social media is an essential marketing tool that can bring big business, brand awareness and real time communication

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Difference between cms

The current content management systems on the market all feature complicated back-office interfaces Today’s leading solutions, offered by WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, eZ Publish, Typo3, etc., are all built with complicated back-office interfaces.

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4 cutting-edge technologies to speed up your sites

The internet is constantly making headway with speed being the major metric of progress and a key question for most web developers. A previous WebdesignerDepot article How slow is too slow in 2016? highlighted the need to focus on speed, so we decided to present a few features that will help your site make the grade in 2016.

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Blisk: the new browser built just for developers

Developers have had a hard time trying to home in on a browser that’s completely user-friendly to their needs. Sure, Mozilla has taken strides to gain favor with the developer community. If you’ll remember, it last year released what it billed as its most developer-friendly browser update to date, Firefox Developer Edition 38.

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